The NROTC College Program is for students who have not received a scholarship.  College program students attend the university and participate in all NROTC activities just like their scholarship student peers.  They have no service obligation until after their sophomore year, at which point they must either be accepted for Advanced Standing or scholarship contract to continue in the program.  College program students do not participate in summer training, receive a stipend, or receive any educational benefits until they are accepted to Advanced Standing or receive a scholarship, but are otherwise indistinguishable from scholarship students. While calculus and physics are not requirements (click here for requirements) for college program students, it is highly encouraged that they take these courses as scholarships are largely awarded on academic performance.

College program students can be nominated for 3-year scholarships (scholarship info here) after successful performance during their first full year in the program (Marine option midshipmen are eligible after their first fall semester).  If not selected for a 3-year scholarship, students can be re-nominated for a 2-year scholarship the following year.  Any students not selected for a 2-year scholarship are automatically screened for Advanced Standing.

Once selected for a 2- or 3-year scholarship, also known as a “side-load scholarship”, students begin receiving a stipend and other benefits in addition to full tuition and fees just like national scholarship recipients.  These benefits are not retroactive. College program students receive military uniforms and course materials for NROTC classes at no cost. The University of Kansas NROTC has a strong record of earning scholarships for college program students.

Acceptance into the college program is handled at each individual unit, contact our Recruiting Officer to get more information and apply today.


Scholarships are not required to commission as an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps.  College program students can also be selected for commissioning via Advanced Standing. For those who do not receive a side-load scholarship, Advanced Standing allows them to complete the four-year program and commission into the Navy or Marine Corps.

Midshipmen with an Advanced Standing contract receive a subsistence allowance of $350 per month in their junior year, increasing to $400 in their senior year. All uniforms and NROTC course materials are still provided at no cost.