Follow in the footsteps of Admiral Jeremy Boorda, the first sailor to advance from the enlisted ranks to eventually become the Chief of Naval Operations. The STA-21 program is designed to provide enlisted active duty sailors with a top-notch education and earn a commission. STA-21 sailors, who earn the title "Officer Candidate" upon reporting to the unit, complete a three year program similar to that of a Midshipman, however with distinct advantages thanks to their active duty service:
  • Officer Candidates (OCs) qualify for in-state tuition.
  • $10,000 per year in tuition assistance, which covers a full year of in-state tuition.
  • GI Bill benefits may be applied in the rare case that STA-21 tuition assistance is exhausted.
  • Full BAH and BAS benefits for the appropriate pay grade.
  • OCs remain eligible for enlisted advancement while aboard the KU battalion.
Officer Candidates will commission as Ensigns after completing the three year program. Because of their enlisted experience, OCs are given early consideration for leadership roles, unlike Midshipmen who often have to wait until their sophomore or junior years.
The University of Kansas NROTC is one of the few in the country qualified to commission Officer Candidates selected for the nuclear pipeline. Because the nuclear option is the most popular among STA-21 selectees, Kansas is a top destination for Officer Candidates. Contact our Nuclear Officer and STA-21 Advisor for more information.


The MECEP is a Marine enlisted to officer program, allowing outstanding enlisted Marine's to earn a Bachelor's Degree and commission as a Second Lieutenant. After applying through the appropriate MARADMIN, MECEP selectees, known as MECEPs, will attend Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia before arriving at KU. Once aboard the KU battalion, MECEPs enjoy the following benefits:
  • MECEPs qualify for in-state tuition.
  • GI Bill benefits may be applied to tuition, up to $1200 per month.
  • Full BAH and BAS benefits for the appropriate pay grade.
  • MECEPs remain eligible for enlisted advancement while aboard the KU battalion.
MECEPs have the liberty to earn a Bachelor's Degree in any major, and are only required to enroll in 12 credits per semester. In addition to degree courses, MECEPs will take NROTC instructed courses, including Evolution of Warfare, Amphibious Warfare, and Ethics.
Contact our Marine Officer Instructor (MOI) for more information.

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