Available to high school students pursuing a career in the Navy or Marine Corps, four-year scholarships are the best way to earn a commission through the NROTC program.  Scholarships are awarded from a National competitive pool of applications received each year by December 31st. Those receiving a scholarship who complete the four-year program will earn a commission and serve a minimum of five years on active duty as an Unrestricted Line Officer (URL) if commissioned into the Navy, or a minimum of four years on active duty as a pilot or ground officer if commissioned into the Marine Corps

When applying, students must select either the Navy, Navy nurse program, or Marine Corps.  KU does not currently support a Navy nurse program, so those interested in Navy nurse need to apply elsewhere. Those earning a Navy or Marine Corps option scholarship will commission in those respective services.   Due to the competitive nature of these scholarships, it is recommended that students apply for both the national scholarship and the college program option at KU to be considered for ROTC participation.


Scholarship benefits vary depending on a student’s year in the program. A full list of benefits can be found on the NROTC website.


Students are only eligible for this scholarship if they meet all requirements or receive a waiver for certain requirements. A full list of requirements can be found on the NROTC website


For applicants with 30 or more college credits, including those in the college program, two- and three-year scholarships are available with the same benefits as four-year scholarships. Those awarded a two- or three-year scholarship, also known as a "side load scholarship”, will begin receiving benefits the following semester.  Scholarships do not pay for previous semesters. Those interested in two- or three-year scholarships should contact the Unit for more information.