Battalion Clubs and Teams


The University of Kansas Naval ROTC encourages the education and awareness of Navy and Marine Corps Aviation through its esteemed Aviation Club. KU NROTC Aviation Club is student-led and allows club members to gain experience in flying, navigation, aerodynamics and ASTB preparation. Other opportunities include field trips and fly days, which allow members to have hands-on flying experience. Meetings are held bi-monthly where members share various aviation gouge (knowledge) and learn about their future community.

The KU NROTC Color Guard carries the national ensign and our military service flags. The Color Guard represents the KU NROTC Unit and the United States Navy and Marine Corps at university and military events and ceremonies. Our Color Guards operate in a sharp, disciplined, and military manner to continue the tradition of excellence our organization demands. Those with exceptional ability have the opportunity to be selected to represent the Unit in special events, such as performing at nationally televised college sporting events and competitive regional drill meets.

The Drill Team is an extracurricular organization that aids participants in the practice, performance, and perfection of Navy and Marine Corps close order drill. Participation instills discipline through the practice of precision, the development of automatic responses to drill commands, and the enhancement of military bearing. The team allows midshipmen to improve and perfect their self-confidence through the repetition and mastery of military drill. As a member of the Drill Team, one’s ultimate goal is to continue the team’s success at regional drill meets. The team competes in both Platoon and Squad drill competitions and trains its members to be competitive in both armed and unarmed drill.

The KU NROTC Shooting Team is comprised of two separate teams: the Rifle Team and the Pistol Team. The two teams compete in precision .22 caliber shooting at regional drill meets. The teams practice together at a local shooting range to learn and hone the skills necessary to be competitive. The shooting teams master marksmanship, as well as develop comradery within the team.

The purpose of the sailing club is to provide frequent sailing opportunities at Lake Shawnee to midshipmen of the KU NROTC program. It is open to all classes and provides an opportunity to build comradery among battalion members. Members learn basic techniques for turning and directing the boats, practice attaching and removing sails, and learn how to react during a capsize or “man overboard” situation. All members of the program are encouraged to join, regardless of their desired community or ability levels.

The mission of Semper Fi Society is to mentally and physically prepare Marines and NROTC midshipmen enrolled in the University of Kansas Naval ROTC for Officer Candidate School in an environment that builds Esprit de Corps and camaraderie among its members. Secondly, Semper Fi Society strives to uphold the Officer Candidate School motto of "Ductus Exemplo," which means leadership by example, every moment of every day, whether on campus or in their own community.